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Information on me personally is in the ABOUT ME link above. That section also has a link to a nifty website about St. Louis in 1910.


Click on "Books" above to find info on each book in the series and to buy them. That section also allows you to click on each book to find BOOK CLUB questions. 


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My name is Jo Allison and I write murder mysteries/suspense stories/thrillers set in the 1910s.

The first series is mysteries. Mostly they involve solving murders—but sometimes they are better described as “suspense.” (See the page on the difference between mystery and suspense under the MORE heading.) The Julia Nye Mystery/Suspense Series is set in 1910s St. Louis. 


You can read below about the series in general. 

And let me share some great news! See below about the book award. And announcing here . . . coming in October 2021 . . . nonfiction: Storied and Scandalous St. Louis: A History of Breweries, Baseball, Prejudice, and Protest . . . from Globe Pequot Press. See the cover at left!

I am working on a new series that propels one of the characters forward into World War One. Those books are spy thrillers—if one must have a category. More accurately, they are action-packed character studies of what it means to be a patriot doing an unpleasant job amidst world-changing events. At the moment, the first book is entitled The Reluctant Spy. But more to come on that!

The Books of the Julia Nye Mystery Series

Julia’s unconventional position as a typist for the St. Louis City Police Department in 1910 gives her opportunity to engage in the detective work she learned to love with her sheriff father. It also means opportunity, along with danger, for her two male news reporter friends. In fact, it’s hard to believe how much danger a typist can find in crimes that reflect the issues of the day: prohibition, race relations, sexual slavery, labor unrest, and more. As dangerous as the detection is, Julia finds the emotional, social, and romantic demands of “new-woman-hood” just as challenging.





I have written five novels in the series and several related short stories. All five books are available on Amazon as ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks as of September 2017. See the "Books" tab above for a synopsis of each and links to buying them.


The third book, Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl, has been judged the Best Self-Pubished Novel by the James River Writers Club for 2016. The JRW contest welcomed authors from the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as others. I am humbled and excited about this award. 

Also available on Amazon is a book containing short stories and vignettes, entitled In-Between Murders: Stories that LINK and ILLUMINATE the Julia Nye Mystery Series. It is also described under the "Books" tab.





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